The Da Vinci IQ Has The Sleekest App Integration I’ve Yet Encountered and a Ceramic Oven That Produces Tasty Clouds

The first time I saw a vape with an app, I was very excited. The original make of the first brand I encountered with an app, the Firefly, underwhelmed me. But with iPhone-based controls and some other new features, it seemed like the second edition would be a game-changer.

Well, I didn’t really like the Firefly 2, which I found buggy. That feeling is not universal—the Portland Mercury’s cannabis columnist called it “the best portable vaporizer on the market,” after getting the exact same review model I had—but for me it that opinion is rather deeply held. I’ve been a loyal Pax man since.

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Well, the DaVinci IQ ($275) might finally flip me. This handheld loose-leaf vaporizer is one of the sleekest I’ve yet seen.

And that starts with the app. While the forthcoming Pax 3 also has an app, it’s not yet ready to link to the latest Pax, which has the same body as the Pax 2.

The DaVinci IQ’s app is up and running, and boy is it slick. It’s totally intuitive, makes a connection as easily as Bluetooth headphones and allows you to set up custom preset paths to bake the most out of any particular flower over a set time period. It heats up fast—about 2 degrees per second—and displays the temperature on a retro-futuristic array of dots.

There’s not many details to talk about with the app, which is the highest compliment you can give it. As far as I can tell, it’s accurate, gently toasting at 300 and charring a little once you move above 400. If you keep it up near 420 for any length of time, it also runs too hot to hold comfortably in your hand.

The body is about the size of a slide-open cellphone with nice rounded edges and a reassuring heft. It’s a bottom-loader with a battery that recharges inside the device by micro USB.

Like the Firefly (but unlike the Pax), it has a ceramic bowl and air path, which I find very easy to clean. At least when it’s new, a few taps leaves it looking like it did when it left the factory. I also found it makes for tastier vapor, a little smoother and milder than you get from flower baked in metal.

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Like Pax, the DaVinci line makes a wide range of accessories, from a keychain pick to a little cloth carrying case. At least for now, little goodies like that $15 carry case, an adapter for glass, and a little aluminum bud box come with it, which definitely left me feeling like a baller.

Once the Pax 3 and app are fully operational, it’ll be interesting to compare and contrast the two. But if you’re shopping around, you should definitely check out the DaVinci.

While Five States Vote to Legalize Cannabis, More Than 50 Oregon Cities Could Just Say No

One-quarter of the United States—and all the residents of the West Coast—could have access to recreational marijuana after Election Day, when five states will vote whether to join Oregon in legalizing cannabis.

Next week, voters in Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada will decide whether to further undermine federal pot prohibitions, potentially more than tripling the number of Americans with access to retail cannabis. (Three states—Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota—are weighing whether to permit medical marijuana sales, something that’s legal in 25 other states.)

Meanwhile, Oregonians also face pot-related questions on their ballots. A total of 111 counties and cities, from Astoria to Yachats, will decide whether to levy local pot taxes up to 3 percent on marijuana sales. That list also includes Portland.

Six Oregon counties and 54 cities, from Cannon Beach to West Linn, will consider whether to block marijuana sales in their jurisdictions.

Here’s a look at how the market for recreational marijuana could grow from 18 million people to 75 million overnight.

Where recreational weed is already legal
Alaska—population 735,000
Colorado—5.5 million
Oregon—4 million
Washington—7.2 million
Washington, D.C.—670,000*
Where recreational marijuana legalization is on the ballot
Arizona—population 6.9 million
California—39 million
Maine—1.3 million
Massachusetts—6.8 million
Nevada— 2.9 million
Sampling of Oregon cities considering sales taxes on pot up to 3 percent
Cannon Beach
Hood River
Oregon City
Wood Village
Sampling of Oregon cities considering bans on recreational marijuana dispensaries**
Cannon Beach
Lake Oswego
Oregon City
West Linn
* Washington, D.C, doesn’t allow recreational dispensaries.
** In some places, voters will consider pot bans and pot taxes on the same ballot.